Military Contracts

    OBDURA is proud to support your operations internationally, wherever we are able to assist. We are ready and standing by to support your agency or unit through the solicitation process from market research to contract formation and realization of your projects and operations.
DUNS: 436965382
 Full-spectrum project and contract management abilities. Systems integration method of execution eliminates your need to coordinate operations through multiple vendors. Our network of support subcontractors and partners are DOD-approved and currently operational on multiple government contracts.
  Streamline your communications. We understand your technical specifications and how to fulfill them. We break through language and cultural barriers resulting in expedited missions success for the United States Arm Forces within European, Middle-Eastern, Asian and African market
  Simplify your acquisition process by having on point of contact (POC) for expedient deployable packages of supplies and services. Mission essential tool and equipment that meet military specifications at a competitive local source price advantage.
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