Established in 2014


We are an international holding company with extensive experience within the EU, Middle-East, Asia and African market. We have proven success in implementing creative problem solving and business consulting solutions.

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Professional Research & Consultancy

OBDURA personnels are able to work empirically and communicate findings to its clients effectively.

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Medical & Pharmaceuticals

Receive VIP treatment with our medical professionals.OBDURA strives to get the very best and brightest doctors and experts in all areas of the medical field at an affordable cost to our clients.

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US/NATO Contracts

OBDURA is proud to support your operations internationally, wherever we are able to assist.

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Retail & Trade Services

OBDURA ascertains some rare products of the highest quality from all over the world.

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Pandemic Support

OBDURA is one of the largest wholesale distributors of PPEs in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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Our partners include some of the best in the private and government sectors. All are fully vetted.

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Our Products

New and Used Commercial Tractor Trucks
Helicopters for personal and military use
Iconic / Exotic vehicles

Our Customers

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central intelligence agency

"Innovative and Trailblazer "

We had difficulties entering a new market. Our products were unfamiliar to the region and we weren't sure of the customs. OBDURA was able to resolve all these issues for us. Their approach to problem solving and implementation was masterfully implemented ensuring all involved benefited. We highly recommend OBDURA.
Prok. Ing. Matthias Bichler
Plant Manager, Europerl

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Fred Buster

Director OPS

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Director HR

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